4 Great Mobile Scanning Apps Android Users Need to See

Scanning a document used to be tricky in the past – you had to access an actual scanner, load the paper and wait 10 seconds or more for it to finish.


These days, converting a document to PDF is almost hassle-free and doesn’t require a clumsy scanner. The apps we’re going to review in this post make scanning a breeze. The principal concept for all the apps is the same: you snap a photo of the document from the app, it detects document edges and enhances the image to look and feel like paper and exports to PDF for sharing.

Let’s start.

1) CamScanner

It’s no surprise that CamScanner is at the top of this list — they have the largest number of users (about 50 million). Although there are lots of great features, the two best that I absolutely love are: 1) Excellent algorithm for detecting document edges inside the picture with pin-point precision, and 2) fantastic image adjustments that compensates for bad lighting, focus and perspective anomalies.

The paid version allows you to sync your documents to Google Drive or Evernote and removes watermarks from the generated PDF documents.

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator - screenshot

2) TurboScan

Next up is TurboScan for their “proprietary” feature called SureScan which requires taking 3 photos of the same paper and then combining them to get the best possible quality – although it requires some patience. Regardless, it has a nice and clean user interface which makes it easy to find the document you are looking for.  On the flip side, there’s no free version so you cannot try it before you buy.


3) Genius Scan

Like TurboScan, Genius Scan has a nice and clean user interface for organizing scans. Unlike TurboScan, it has a free as well as a paid version. For people who use Expensify for their expense reports, Genius Scan’s direct integration will come in very handy. GS

4) Tiny Scan

Often times, you’d want to organize your scans in folders e.g. receipts, lectures notes and contracts. Tiny Scan makes it easy to do. There is a free version but is limited to only 3 scans.

Tiny Scan

Which of these apps were your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “4 Great Mobile Scanning Apps Android Users Need to See

  1. I’ve been using Camscanner for 2 years now. It’s a great app for pipe scanning documents straight to PDF format. I download all my scans to special folders in dropbox.


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